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Eleri Stone is a RITA-nominated author of paranormal and fantasy romance. Born in New Jersey, she now lives in Iowa with her husband and their three children. All of her stories have some element of speculative fiction and they all end with a happily-ever-after.


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Agent: Sara Megibow, KT Literary,

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My Story

I’ve always loved reading speculative fiction—fantasy, horror, paranormal, basically anything that has an element of the supernatural or otherworldly. And while I’ve always preferred books with a strong romantic subplot, I didn’t pick up my first romance until I was an adult. It was love at first read, and I never really looked back. Discovering Paranormal Romance was a revelation and inspired me to try submitting some of my own stories for publication.

Up until then, I had this really bad habit of starting to write a story and then setting it aside when I hit a wall or got distracted by real life and then never coming back to it. When my youngest started preschool, I had two precious free hours a day so I set it as a challenge to myself to actually finish a story and see what happened. It was a 35,000 word novella and the first time I got to write “The End.” That was Mercy which was later published by Carina Press.

Following my reading preferences, I write romances that are heavy on the fantasy side. Lost City Shifters is about a tribe of jaguar shifters living in the Amazon rainforest. The premise of Twilight of the Gods is that Ragnarök happened centuries ago. A group of Æsir refugees managed to escape the destruction and flee to earth where they settled in places where the wall between worlds is the thinnest and now keep the jötnar who destroyed their world from crossing to earth and destroying ours. The Reapers series is Wild West Apocalypse—a mix of western, dystopian, steampunk, and romance. The Spellcraft books are secondary world fantasy about a university for mages set in a world where artisans are the celebrities of the day.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!