Ragnarök is the apocalypse foretold in Norse prophecy. There’s a great battle where most of the gods die followed by a series of natural disasters. The world burns, the sun turns black and the land sinks into the sea. The premise of The Twilight of the Gods series is that Ragnarök actually happened centuries ago for Asgard. Earth (Midgard), connected to Asgard by the bridge Asbrú, managed to survive relatively untouched. Before Odin died, he cast a spell over his remaining people endowing them with many of his attributes—wisdom, magical skill, the ability to shapeshift. The surviving Æsir then fled Asgard and settled on earth in areas where the wall between worlds is the thinnest. This allows them to maintain a connection to the magic of their home and also to guard the connection points between worlds to prevent Surtr’s host from invading earth. There are many of these small clans of Norse demigods scattered around the planet, but The Twilight of the Gods series focuses on one particular clan living in Iowa.

Demon Crossings

Aiden is the chief of clan Ragnarök. His young daughter was attacked years ago and dragged through the portal into Asgard. She’s presumed dead by everyone except her widowed father. Aiden still clings to the hope that she somehow managed to survive and is torn between that hope and his duty to the clan. Grace is a private investigator from St. Louis. She tracks a child who was kidnapped during a custody dispute to the small town of Ragnarok, Iowa. When she sees through the glamour cast over the town and is horrified by the sight of the “demon” she nearly hits on the road, Aiden realizes that she must have some Æsir blood. He also recognizes that she is gifted as Verthandi. This gives her the ability to instinctively know where a person is located even over great distances. Grace grew up in the foster care system and is unaware of her heritage. She’s become accustomed to hiding her ability, half afraid that her visions are a manifestation of mental illness. Aiden hires Grace to help him track his daughter which leads them into Asgard on a rescue mission.

The Clan

Aiden – Odin, leader of the clan, responsible for guarding the portal to Asgard and ensuring the safety of the Æsir under his protection.

Grace – Both of her parents were the children of “runners”, Æsir of weaker blood who left the clan to live among normal humans. Drug addicts. Grace isn’t sure if they knew about their own heritage but if they did, they never shared it with her. Her mother was frightened of the trances Grace would go into as a child when the visions seized her. As she grew older, Grace learned to control her gift so that she could pass for normal, but it left her feeling isolated and uncertain of her sanity.

Christian – Head huntsman, beautiful and charming. Promised in an arranged marriage to a woman he’s never met because the clan needs a new witch.

Fen – Hound. Shapeshifter. Virgin because hounds mate for life to the first woman they have sex with. Graphic designer and tattoo artist. Something of a loner but he cares deeply for the members of his pack and hunt.

Elin and Rane – Twin sisters. Counselor crows. Shapeshifters. Crows can live for centuries but when one dies the other quickly follows. They serve as advisors to the Odin. Elin is the more compassionate sister who has an on-again off-again thing with Christian. Rane is the more outspoken sister. Other than the purple tips in Rane’s black hair, they’re identical and appear to be in their early twenties.

Lois – The aging witch of the clan. Cantankerous and not as powerful as she’d like everyone to believe. Afraid of losing her position. Likes to be in control.

Kamis – A Vanir witch, exiled to Asgard for unknown reasons (well…unknown to you anyway;). Missing his left hand. He saved Aiden’s daughter, Hallie, from the demons who brought her into Asgard. Good with a blade. Very old.


The jötnar (demons) are only able to cross into Midgard at full and new moon when gravitational forces weaken the portal enough for them to push through. When the demons cross, it unbalances the protective wards surrounding the portal creating a surge of energy that disrupts electrical and mechanical devices.